Dive into Lancers’ multicolor world

 José Maria da Fonseca has selected Kruella D’Enfer as the new designer for this year’s special edition packaging. The mix of shapes and colors, characteristic of the artist, allows the brand to connect with the new generations of consumers, rejuvenating its image in a distinct and artistic way.

After the editions of 2017 and 2018 in partnership with the design school IADE – Universidade Europeia, José Maria da Fonseca commissioned this year’s special edition to Kruella D’Enfer, with the goal of making Lancers even more appealing: “When we thought about the special edition of Lancers for this year, we chose to follow a different route but still being connected with art. Since street art is a big trend worldwide, especially among the younger generations of consumers, we searched for different artists in this area and quickly selected Kruella, who was able through the colors and shapes that she uses, to connect the Lancers brand with the target audience that we were looking for” quotes Denise Madeira, Marketing Manager of José Maria da Fonseca.

The Special Edition of LANCERS in 2019 presents itself with a renewed design, highlighting a mix of bright colors and floral shapes, that is connected with the summer, in a relaxed and youthful tone, but also using elements that are closely linked with the brand, such as the arrows and wine glasses. Street art if a growing trend all over the world, and Portugal is no exception, showcasing a large number of artists connected with this movement.

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