Lancers Vodka

When we think of cocktails we automatically think of beach, friends and fun. Your favorite wine Lancers provides you the best cocktail recipes so you can impress your friends this summer.

This time we explain you how you can do your own Lancers Vodka. Originally from Russia, vodka is a colorless, destilled and low-flavored drink, which makes it possible to mix it with other drinks or ingredients. By adding lime and cranberry juice, these ensure a fruity flavor to the cocktail. At last when adding Lancers Rosé, the cocktail gets a pink tone with a soft and pleasant flavour.

Lancers Vodka
0.75oz Vodka
0.25oz Lime juice
2oz Cranberry Juice
2oz Lancers Rose
1.5 Cups ice

Instructions: Put all the ingredients in the blender and mix it.

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