José Maria da Fonseca has launched the new image of its iconic brand LANCERS. With the goal of rejuvenating the brand, bringing it closer to the new generations of consumers, the historic wine producer has developed a new brand positioning with a new claim “Refresh your curiosity”, maintaining the original promise from 1944 of being a pleasant, refreshing and easy to enjoy wine.

In 1944, António Porto Soares Franco, senior winemaker at José Maria da Fonseca, was challenged by US wine importer Henry Behar to create a unique wine, sold in an opaque bottle with a different shape. This was the origin of LANCERS, one of the most sold rosés around the world. During the 1960s and 1970s, LANCERS sold annually more than 12 million bottles in the US market alone.

76 years after the birth of Lancers, José Maria da Fonseca decided to reposition the brand, keeping the original shape of the bottle: “A lot has changed in 76 years, not only in consumption habits, but also in the production of wines, and because we believe LANCERS still has a lot more to offer, we have decided to update the brand proposal. We have created a new claim for the brand and upgraded the image of the packaging. With these changes, we aim to reach new wine consumers, that are looking to add a touch of originality to their moments of gathering “, states Denise Madeira, Marketing Manager of José Maria da Fonseca.

The new LANCERS brand signature – “Refresh your curiosity” – aims to raise the curiosity and desire, through a iconic and opaque bottle and rewards this curiosity with a fresh and light wine. The brand values – Originality, Authenticity, and Friendship – enhances the packaging of the wine, the history of a brand created in 1944 by an expert winemaking team and the moments of enjoyment of which the brands is part.